Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Sorting sorting sorting

Drawer units are in, the filing cabinet and the pedestal, that was well planned.  It's just now down to sorting stuff out.  You know when at last you are able to actually see what you've got and you think 'I didn't know I had that' and 'oh, that's where that went' lol, if I've said those things once I've said them a hundred times.  Some of it I'd think 'why the hell did I buy that' and 'how do I use that', but I have so it's been dusted if needed and a new home to live has been found.
Hanni's dressing room: the two sliding door wardrobes are brilliant, we have managed to fit three of my drawer units into one of them, with enough room down the side to store larger items such as the embroidery unit for 'My Brother'.  The walls still need painting but that's a relativity quick job and once done my ink and ribbon racks can go on that back wall.  I still call it Hanni's dressing room but in fact it is now the storeroom.
In the other wardrobe David has put all but one of the drawers in, I didn't want the top one in as I would have been hitting the ceiling every time I needed to get in the drawer, so I asked him to put a shelf up there instead.  I could have put it in the gap half way up but wanted a shelf there too.  As you can see I'm now sorting fabrics out.
Not far off finishing now.  Once my old craft room is empty, David will be moving in there and using my old desk while his office is decorated and rearranged.  Then once he's moved back into his the old craft room can become a bedroom again.