Monday, 31 July 2017

Craft room photos

Thought I'd share some of my photos with you, I keep being asked, so I'm sorry for the delay.  These photos have been taken throughout the week.

David has put up the wall units and the dado trunking, you can also see the support battens for the worktop.
It's now at the stage where the wiring can be done, but first he's checking to make sure everything is level.
My desk area, just making sure the vents over the radiator is lined up.
Worktop level and time to adjust the support legs.
 This is going to be my sewing area.
This is the view from the as was dressing room, this room hasn't been started yet. as soon as we can shuffle things around and it can be emptied it can be painted.  The two fitted wardrobes have drawers half way up, I'm wanting all the drawers in one of the wardrobes and some of my blue drawer units will be in the other one.
 David is taking the largest of the two Billy bookcases.
 Out of one door and into the other.
 Look at all those boxes, I didn't realise there was that many in there.  As you can see the under wall unit storage has been added as well as the doors and handles, the under unit lighting has also been fitted.  All power and network cables are in and working.
Testing the wall unit doors will open without hitting the bookcase. 
 Next the smallest.
 Mucky cow, look at the muck on that wall lol.
 This is now, David as you can see has added the glass doors to the bookcases and is now giving the worktop a coat of Rustins Danish Oil.  They will need three coats and will also need between 4 and 8 hours to dry in between each coat.
More soon.

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