Saturday, 22 July 2017

Carpet down

Carpet down, it is one of those heavy duty ones that have to be glued to the underlay.  I wanted something that is easy to clean with a short hard pile, that will actually make it easier to roll around on my chair lol.  It takes a little longer to lay this kind of carpet, and you need a window open to air off the glue lol.  I think it's well worth having this kind of carpet in a craft room or the like, in the long run it will last a long time.  When Hanni bought her new house and got to the carpet stage both her and David went to Shaw Carpets in Barnsley, so we went to have a look.  As soon as I walked into the factory showroom I'd seen what I wanted.  

The box thing in the pictures below is the first of my new under wall cabinet drawers from Ikea, just the right size for all my threads etc.  More storage haha you can never have enough storage.  I'm having a couple as shelves as well.
The carpet in the dressing room is staying the same no need to change that for what it is.

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