Monday, 26 June 2017

Quilt for my mother-in-law

Another before Christmas project this time for my mother-in-law.  Last summer David and I were thinking of something to get for his mum for Christmas, what on earth do you get for someone who has nearly everything.  Well, I had a brainwave, she had had to have heart surgery, and with winter coming around I knew her legs would suffer a little from the cold.  I remember my dad having the same problem years ago when they took some veins out of his legs, so I knew she would be the same.  I thought a quilt would take the edge off.  

I used the Kreative Kiwi Embroidery designs Redwork patterns, I know I didn't do them in red but stay with me on this lol.  The designs are called Garden Delight and Garden Delight 2, I thought they would be apt for her as she really does enjoy her garden.  One of the sets has nine designs and the other has ten so I had to repeat one of the designs to make this quilt, you may also notice that some of the blocks are stitched slightly darker than the other, this is the amount of times a line of stitching has been overstitched, the more lines the darker the line.  Each set was different so I alternated each design to balance it out a bit.  I used her favourite colour which is aqua, I also used white cotton fabric.
I matched the colour of the aqua fabric with the embroidery thread so if you have a look at the back of the quilt you will see I quilted in the hoop and just did the sashings once the blocks were finished.  I like to hand sew the sashings down to finish off as my lines of sewing on the machine look horrendous, I just can't get them to sew in a straight line, so less stress, just get out a needle and thread lol.
The label I did on my embroidery machine, I always put washing and drying instructions on the back, just so anyone I make for will know how to look after it.  

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