Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Cat Cushion Cover

While having a look around the Urban Threads website I came across this cat design for my embroidery machine.  It was one of those that I needed to do and I had the purrfect excuse to do it. 
 My sister has a cat called Fudge and she is 20 years old, she's having a few issues at the moment, the cat not my sister lol.  I got her (sister not the cat 😁) to buy the cushion pad and I said I'd make the cushion cover.  The finished cushion needs a bit more plumping up but she can sort that out, it was going to live in her conservatory but has now got stuck in her room for a while lol.
I used two layers of cut away stabilizer and floated the Natural Seeded Klona cotton fabric on top because the design is so dense, I think there are around 93,500 stitches in the design.  I did have a few minor puckers but not as bad as it could have been.  I did do some practice stitch outs before hand, that is why I used two layers of stabilizer.  One of the practice stitch outs was with the fabric fully hooped but the pull was quite bad in the middle section, I have since bought a cohesive bandage to wrap around the middle of my hoop to give it extra grip, I have yet to try this.  I plan on using the practice cat on another project.  Glad she liked it anyway.

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