Sunday, 2 October 2016

Renovations - Woodwork finished

I should have posted these pictures yesterday, but as you can imagine it's been a bit mad here.  Went to get some wallpaper and found some, not really the colour I had in my head but we do like it.  I was actually surprised with the amount of wallpaper with glitter/iridescent/pearlescent features on it, it is almost impossible to get a matt paper at the moment.  David is masking all the doors and floor at the moment, so the architrave, skirting and doors can be varnished, so I'll post some progression pictures over the next few days.
Hallway skirting on and needing a bit of paint.
 Once it has been painted the other end of the hallway will be a lot brighter.
Brendan even managed not to kill the existing wallpaper in the hallway when he added the new skirting.
Needs another coat of paint on the ceiling and everything sanding down, these photos were taken before David started doing it.
The colour of the wood looks totally different in this photo because I'd turned the lights on.
We are so pleased with this renovation, still a lot to do and a lot of cleaning to do, but it has been more than worth it.  I think having someone who actually cares about his work had made all the difference, so a big thank you to Brendan.

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