Monday, 26 September 2016


Just had a phone call and the floor is on it's way, so that's today sorted out.  These are some of the photo's I took yesterday, both David and Hanni did loads over the weekend.  David has been installing some new sockets.
and light switches.  This one is in the dining room
and the other side in the hallway.
Wiring done and David is replacing the floor boards.  He has a line of dust right down the middle of his nose haha I didn't tell him lol.
 While David attacked the wiring Hanni attacked the painting.  She did really well, especially because she doesn't really like decorating, her shoulder will be giving her some gip today lol.  Time for refreshments, while on our last visit to the Black Isle in Scotland visiting family, Hanni requested a brewery trip.
I call them both pi**heads haha 
 Look at his nose lol.
 Back to it.
Hanni starting on the dining room side.
I can't believe how much they did yesterday.  First coat done and some of the second.

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