Friday, 23 September 2016

Renovations - an update for a nosey friend haha

Thought I'd show you some photos of the living/dining room and hallway as we were emptying it, I'm not going to bore you with loads of pictures, well I might lol.  I keep all my Enchantica dragons in this display unit, so every time one of us went upstairs we had to take one of them with us,  I've cleared a bookcase for them in my craft room.  So this is pretty much the start of the renovations.
The display unit has gone altogether in this picture, the dining room table has been dismantled, the mirror out of the living room, the doors have been taken down and the carpet is being taken up.
Other side of the dining room, this door is being taken out, we don't really use it unless we have the table on its full extensions then it does come in handy, but we can live without it.
We have moved the display unit into the front room ready to be taken into the garage, my car will have to live on the front drive for a while.  We are using the carpet out of the dining room on the floor of the garage so the furniture can live on it for a little while.  
Almost empty. The skip will be here soon and that will be living on the back drive, so David's car is trapped haha.
The wood being taken up in the hallway.
So we are now up to date with the timeline and this is the photo I posted yesterday.
The door in the dining room ready to be closed up and the lighting that David is going to sort out.
Through to the hallway from the front room.
Looking from the dining room to the front room.
So now these are the photos I took yesterday after the builder and plasterers left.  As you can see the door has now completely gone, David has moved the light switch.  
The coving is on and the plaster is done on the dining room side of the partition, wall and ceiling.
This is looking into the dining room, you can see they have just started the ceiling in here.
The hallway is looking a little dark down the other end because the door has gone.
It's actually not that bad once you get to the other end, already seems weird without the door.
I'll be taking some more photos tonight when everyone has gone, so will update again soon.  

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