Friday, 30 September 2016

Renovations - Nearly Finished

These are the photo's from last night, Brendan is actually just finishing some bits and pieces off downstairs as I type, so I'll post the last of the photos tomorrow.  This is the hallway, just a bit of skirting to finish.
Then through into the living/dining room
Not much left to do.

I've just been downstairs and it's very, very nearly done.  All his machinery and tool boxes are outside on the patio, getting ready to load the van.  I will take some photos a bit later when the light is better, it's just full on sun at the moment.  I've been asked both on here, my blog and on Facebook for details about Brendan.  This is what I wrote on Facebook last night:

This is his Facebook page D.R.S  domestic renovation specialists his name is Brendan and I would highly recommend him.  His attention to detail is brilliant, he gives very good advice, we told him what we wanted and he talked it over with us.  Gave us things to think about, things to definitely do and things to avoid, that was all before we'd even got him working with us.  The floor in the hallway was solid oak, we were having problems with it, it began to separate in places, more so in front of the radiator.  Apparently that's what real oak does, so we have gone for engineered oak and that has a locking system making it easier to lay and making it stay together better and not separate.  We did want a wider board but Brendan said if it's too wide it could cup on the edges, so we went for a 180mm wide one.  We went for solid oak skirting and architrave and some new oak doors.  

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