Sunday, 25 September 2016

Renovations - Dust

Dust.  Some more pictures of the renovations (dust) it all seems to be drying very well, these photos are as of Saturday, I will post tomorrow some more photos that show today's progress.  Dust.  We have been able to move the suite, David and Hanni had put it all on casters so it can be wheeled around, it has been living in the kitchen since last Sunday.  Dust.
The ceiling is drying really well in this photo.  Dust.
This is the area where we had the door filled in.
From the dining room side.  Dust.
Finally the hallway.  Dust.
OK the dust, you wouldn't believe how much there is all over the house haha.  I think I must have blocked that bit out the last time we did the extension, that was 10 years ago now and it was far far worse than this time lol.  Anyway, like I said I'll post today's photo's tomorrow because Hanni and David are working away down there are the moment.

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