Thursday, 29 September 2016

Renovation update

I've got a couple of days pictures to show you, I couldn't really get in the room to take very many yesterday.  Brendan is on with the skirting boards and architraves so there's bits and pieces all over the place.  So these are the photos from the day before yesterday:
This is the bottom of the stairs, if you look in the front room the floor actually looks like a different colour, that is in fact DUST lol.  He's using his saw.
Later in the day I ventured downstairs, I really do like the colour of the oak.
As you can see the two static doors are in.  Years ago (16 years actually) when we bought the house David wanted to just have a doorway put in here, I on the other hand thought it would be a good idea to have as much light as possible, who do you think could have got their own way haha.
The track above the doors is for the sliders.
View from the front room, you just may be able to make out the opening above the doors on this side.  This is where we put the projector screen, it hides under there when not in use.
You can actually see it better in this photo.  The gold on the floor is underlay Brendan put down to protect the floor while he's working in there.
So these are yesterday's photos and as you can see it was a bit messy, I didn't venture in there so only took a few photos.  You can see in this one that the top of the door is finished, the sliding doors are on and the skirting board in the dining room is well under way.
The wires by the way, coming out of the sides and at the top of the doors are for our surround sound speakers.
As soon as I can get in there without causing havoc I'll take some more, that underlay on the floor is very, very slippy with my slippers on lol, ask me how I know, I didn't actually fall but very nearly hahaha, well I thought it was funny.

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