Monday, 19 September 2016


Long time no post lol, this year is just flying by.  I've done a couple of batches of the T-Shirts, Shirts and Patches since last time I posted, in fact I'm just waiting for some more T-Shirts to be delivered for my next batch.  I've been doing some bits and pieces for gifts so I can't show those at the moment, I'm trying to get in front, I have loads to do for Christmas.  

Things are all changing here, I did have 'My Brother' sewing and embroidery machine downstairs until a couple of days ago, I'd taken over the dining room table, well all the dining room really lol. Well now I don't have a dining room at all or even a living room at the moment.  The builders start today, we are having renovations done so my machine has now been moved into my craft room, a much better place for it really.  All the furniture downstairs is now in the garage/bedrooms/on the landing and the three piece suite is in the kitchen.  It looks like the Marie Celeste downstairs the hallway, living room and dining room look massive.

I can show you some bits and pieces I've been making, I'll post as I finish them, they just need trimming, turning and pressing.  My sister and her other half have recently bought a caravan and she has a pot towel (tea towel) that no one is allowed to use lol.  She was describing it to me and I was sure I'd some material just like it so when she'd gone I'd found it and some other bits and pieces that would match.  I'd already found the pattern I wanted to use, I'd bought it on a whim with all the intentions of using it and never actually thinking I would lol.  I found it at Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Designs, some really lovely designs here, these caravan's were done in the 7x12 and the 5x7 sizes.
I've already embroidered the other three sets, like I said they just need trimming and turning.  I'll post when they are done.

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