Friday, 30 September 2016

Renovations - Nearly Finished

These are the photo's from last night, Brendan is actually just finishing some bits and pieces off downstairs as I type, so I'll post the last of the photos tomorrow.  This is the hallway, just a bit of skirting to finish.
Then through into the living/dining room
Not much left to do.

I've just been downstairs and it's very, very nearly done.  All his machinery and tool boxes are outside on the patio, getting ready to load the van.  I will take some photos a bit later when the light is better, it's just full on sun at the moment.  I've been asked both on here, my blog and on Facebook for details about Brendan.  This is what I wrote on Facebook last night:

This is his Facebook page D.R.S  domestic renovation specialists his name is Brendan and I would highly recommend him.  His attention to detail is brilliant, he gives very good advice, we told him what we wanted and he talked it over with us.  Gave us things to think about, things to definitely do and things to avoid, that was all before we'd even got him working with us.  The floor in the hallway was solid oak, we were having problems with it, it began to separate in places, more so in front of the radiator.  Apparently that's what real oak does, so we have gone for engineered oak and that has a locking system making it easier to lay and making it stay together better and not separate.  We did want a wider board but Brendan said if it's too wide it could cup on the edges, so we went for a 180mm wide one.  We went for solid oak skirting and architrave and some new oak doors.  

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Renovation update

I've got a couple of days pictures to show you, I couldn't really get in the room to take very many yesterday.  Brendan is on with the skirting boards and architraves so there's bits and pieces all over the place.  So these are the photos from the day before yesterday:
This is the bottom of the stairs, if you look in the front room the floor actually looks like a different colour, that is in fact DUST lol.  He's using his saw.
Later in the day I ventured downstairs, I really do like the colour of the oak.
As you can see the two static doors are in.  Years ago (16 years actually) when we bought the house David wanted to just have a doorway put in here, I on the other hand thought it would be a good idea to have as much light as possible, who do you think could have got their own way haha.
The track above the doors is for the sliders.
View from the front room, you just may be able to make out the opening above the doors on this side.  This is where we put the projector screen, it hides under there when not in use.
You can actually see it better in this photo.  The gold on the floor is underlay Brendan put down to protect the floor while he's working in there.
So these are yesterday's photos and as you can see it was a bit messy, I didn't venture in there so only took a few photos.  You can see in this one that the top of the door is finished, the sliding doors are on and the skirting board in the dining room is well under way.
The wires by the way, coming out of the sides and at the top of the doors are for our surround sound speakers.
As soon as I can get in there without causing havoc I'll take some more, that underlay on the floor is very, very slippy with my slippers on lol, ask me how I know, I didn't actually fall but very nearly hahaha, well I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Renovations - Floor

Well the floor has arrived.  This is Brendan bringing it in, there's loads of it.
I didn't go downstairs as I didn't want to get in the way, so this is my first sneaky peek.
Looking good, love the colour, it does look different depending on the time of day though, gets a warmer colour.
We haven't even decided what wall coverings we are having yet lol.  Never mind, I'm expecting something to grab me when we go shopping.

Monday, 26 September 2016


Just had a phone call and the floor is on it's way, so that's today sorted out.  These are some of the photo's I took yesterday, both David and Hanni did loads over the weekend.  David has been installing some new sockets.
and light switches.  This one is in the dining room
and the other side in the hallway.
Wiring done and David is replacing the floor boards.  He has a line of dust right down the middle of his nose haha I didn't tell him lol.
 While David attacked the wiring Hanni attacked the painting.  She did really well, especially because she doesn't really like decorating, her shoulder will be giving her some gip today lol.  Time for refreshments, while on our last visit to the Black Isle in Scotland visiting family, Hanni requested a brewery trip.
I call them both pi**heads haha 
 Look at his nose lol.
 Back to it.
Hanni starting on the dining room side.
I can't believe how much they did yesterday.  First coat done and some of the second.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Renovations - Dust

Dust.  Some more pictures of the renovations (dust) it all seems to be drying very well, these photos are as of Saturday, I will post tomorrow some more photos that show today's progress.  Dust.  We have been able to move the suite, David and Hanni had put it all on casters so it can be wheeled around, it has been living in the kitchen since last Sunday.  Dust.
The ceiling is drying really well in this photo.  Dust.
This is the area where we had the door filled in.
From the dining room side.  Dust.
Finally the hallway.  Dust.
OK the dust, you wouldn't believe how much there is all over the house haha.  I think I must have blocked that bit out the last time we did the extension, that was 10 years ago now and it was far far worse than this time lol.  Anyway, like I said I'll post today's photo's tomorrow because Hanni and David are working away down there are the moment.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Renovations - an update for a nosey friend haha

Thought I'd show you some photos of the living/dining room and hallway as we were emptying it, I'm not going to bore you with loads of pictures, well I might lol.  I keep all my Enchantica dragons in this display unit, so every time one of us went upstairs we had to take one of them with us,  I've cleared a bookcase for them in my craft room.  So this is pretty much the start of the renovations.
The display unit has gone altogether in this picture, the dining room table has been dismantled, the mirror out of the living room, the doors have been taken down and the carpet is being taken up.
Other side of the dining room, this door is being taken out, we don't really use it unless we have the table on its full extensions then it does come in handy, but we can live without it.
We have moved the display unit into the front room ready to be taken into the garage, my car will have to live on the front drive for a while.  We are using the carpet out of the dining room on the floor of the garage so the furniture can live on it for a little while.  
Almost empty. The skip will be here soon and that will be living on the back drive, so David's car is trapped haha.
The wood being taken up in the hallway.
So we are now up to date with the timeline and this is the photo I posted yesterday.
The door in the dining room ready to be closed up and the lighting that David is going to sort out.
Through to the hallway from the front room.
Looking from the dining room to the front room.
So now these are the photos I took yesterday after the builder and plasterers left.  As you can see the door has now completely gone, David has moved the light switch.  
The coving is on and the plaster is done on the dining room side of the partition, wall and ceiling.
This is looking into the dining room, you can see they have just started the ceiling in here.
The hallway is looking a little dark down the other end because the door has gone.
It's actually not that bad once you get to the other end, already seems weird without the door.
I'll be taking some more photos tonight when everyone has gone, so will update again soon.