Monday, 6 June 2016

The Splendid Sampler - Bonus Block - Earth Day

Earth day was on the 22nd April and that would have been my mum's birthday, I still miss her.  Anyway, moving on, this block starts out as the pinwheel, then you had to choose some blue and green fabric to represent the earth, cut into a circle for the middle of the block.  With the pattern there were a couple of circles with maps on them, the designer of the block Cheryl Arkinson and one of the ladies who is running The Splendid Sampler Pat Sloan live in America, so one of the maps showed that side of the world, the other is of Australia where the other lady running The Splendid Sampler comes from and her name is Jane Davidson.  I however live in neither of these parts of the world so went on Google and found a UK map, sized it to fit a 4" circle and printed it out.  I then used my light box to transfer the image onto some fusible webbing before attaching it to my green fabric.  As you can see I then ironed it onto some blue fabric before using a backstitch to form the outline of the UK, I didn't trim too near the stitching as there is too much detail, so left the edges raw.  Once finished I used my sewing machine to do the satin stitch around the circle.

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