Monday, 2 May 2016

The Splendid Sampler 7/100

Not a sewing machine in sight for this block.  The original pattern shows what looks like a little boy under the quilt but it reminded me of Hanni (my daughter) so I made the hair a little longer.  When she was little she had and still has a teddy call Biscuit and a rabbit called Benny Bunny.  I used my light box to draw the outlines using an air erasable pen, I used two strands of thread for the back stitch and did a bit of filling in for the thicker lines.  For the detail on the quilt I used a single strand of thread.  The bottom section of the border on the pattern only has two crosses/kisses, but ever since Hanni was a very little person we have used the xxlolxx so I thought I'd put that on this block instead.  The meaning is two kisses from me 'xx' lots of love from both of us 'lol' and two kisses from David 'xx', a bit daft but hey, that's our thing haha.

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