Thursday, 5 May 2016

Carpet Bag for Hanni's Birthday

I wanted to make something for Hanni to open on the day of her birthday, bunging a couple of pounds in an envelope isn't the same as opening a prezzie.  So I made this, it's the Debbie Shore Poppins Bag, I've just had a look on the website for the pattern and it seems it comes only in the kit, I can't see the pattern for the bag on its own, never mind.
One of Hanni's favourite colours is royal blue so I had to put that on the inside.
I got all of the hardware and the frame from Bag Clasps Ltd, loads of different bits and pieces to choose from and well worth a visit.  I was actually making this bag as Hanni was passing my sewing machine and she didn't have a clue what it was lol.  Over the years we have found that hiding something from her is to hide it in plain view haha, she will never see it.

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