Friday, 15 April 2016

Another Quilt Update - It's Finished

Well I finally finished my first ever quilt, I've made loads of mistakes, but so what, I can live with that lol.  It started out on my old sewing machine with a little extension table and was finished on My Brother which has the long arm opening, making it a lot easier moving all that bulk around.  Even better I also got a Horn Outback Cabinet for My Brother, which gave me loads of room.  It fits very nicely next to my dining room table, I just wheel it around and it fits snugly just under the edge of the table, so I could then throw all the bulk on there, it really helped with the weight while doing the quilting.  I have learnt a lot putting this together, but I have still lots to learn.
I tried all sorts of different ways to attach the bias binding but ended up machine sewing first then finished off doing it by hand, which actually didn't take as long as I thought it would.  I found it gave me a neater finish, I wasn't able to get the machine line as straight as I wanted, I put it down to the weight of the quilt in the end and not my ability lol.  I have seen lots of beautiful quilts while mooching around the Internet and many of the creators have been naming their quilts, I wasn't going to name mine but with the pattern being an off set log cabin, 'A Little Off Set' popped into my head and it just stayed there.
This picture shows a little close up of one of the blocks, I'd made one hundred of them for this quilt and it fits my king size bed.  Right what's next lol.

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