Thursday, 28 January 2016

Birthday Card for David

Just going through some bits and pieces and realized I'd not posted details of the card I made for David this year.  I've been trying to get other projects done (mostly quilting, more about that late lol) but I haven't even been blogging properly for a while, tut.  I do have some other cads that I will be posting soon, but first this one.

I have been really impressed with a new CD I bought just before Christmas from Kraftyhands.  I do have a few of their CD's and couldn't resist this one as well.  It's called Bygone Transport and the quality is exceptional as is all their CD's.  If you visit their website you can see a video showing the images included in the CD, it even comes with some patterned paper which I used for the matting on this card.  I printed out the bits and pieces onto some 160 gsm white paper, you get lots of extra bits on the print out so there's plenty to choose from.  I used a cream 6x6 card blank for my base card.  The main picture is actually a cut down tag, I just wanted it as a topper.  I wanted the topper, the compass, the happy birthday sentiment and the sentiment on the inside of the card to be shiny so I used some sticky back plastic covering that I have on a roll.  So, as I cut out the images from the printed sheets I stuck them onto the sticky back and finished cutting them out of that, saves on having to heat emboss etc.  I was really pleased with the shin, unfortunately I had to scan the card because the glare from the photographs meant you could see the images properly.  I used some foam tape and pads to attach the topper, compass and the sentiment.  Added some bakers twine with some PVA Tacky Glue and to finish off I used some mosaic tiles in the corners.  The inside of the card is just as nice as the images on the front and comes on the printed sheets.  I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to show all the mushy stuff I'd written haha, I also used one of the square sentiments on the inside as well.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Brother

My Christmas present from my hubby was a Brother sewing machine and it also embroiders and I love it.  I actually call it 'My Brother' and always think of the Terry Scott song while saying it lol.  So any time soon I'm taking delivery of a new cabinet, I went for the Horn Outback so I will be able to use my Brother as a flatbed.  I finished the top of my off-set log cabin quilt but have been waiting for the cabinet to finish it, I will now be able to get my dinning room table back.  I'll post a picture once its finished.  In the meantime I've started another project, I want to learn how to free motion quilt, so I've found a really helpful book by Leah Day and it's called Building Blocks Quilt.  It takes you right from the very beginning to the very end.  I've started my blocks in black and orange, only cheap fabric as I'm only learning but I'm already liking it.  There is a group on Facebook as well and all the people on there are really very helpful, full of encouragement, loads of tips, you can ask anything. 

Here's the details for the pattern book and Facebook:
Website - I downloaded the eBook
Facebook - You will notice links at the top of this page for the videos that go with this quilt and the links for the paper book and the eBook.

There are four blocks in the quilt that have a 4.5" square in the middle and in the book it says to cut T-Shirt fronts to use in the middle of these blocks but because I have my Brother I thought I'd embroider something.  This is what I came up with:
I also have the PE-Design 10 software for my PC so did the layout on there and just used a USB stick to transfer to my Brother lol, you can link the computer to the sewing machine but my computer is in my craftroom and the sewing machine is downstairs.  I could have done the design on the sewing machine but I get extra fonts from my computer.  This font is Dalliance Roman and is a free font of the internet.  I will be posting the blocks as and when I've done the free motion quilting but I do want to finish off other bits so this quilt will be an ongoing thing.  This is a picture of My Brother and he's the best thing since sliced bread lol:
This is the finished quilt by Leah Day and like I've mentioned mine will be black and orange.  Can you see the four squares, well that's where my embroidery square will be.  Right I'm off to make some more mess lol.