Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Placemat

I made this Santa Placemat for a sew-a-long over at Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery, I really enjoyed making it and for joining in at the time you got a discount on the design, so that was a good thing to have because the design caught my eye, the section where it says Santa's Cookies is a pocket so you can place the cookies in there.  I only had one fat quarter set of Christmas fabrics so had to use them, I even used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine lol, at least I've made something Christmasy lol.  The design comes in four sizes, but if you look in the files you will notice that you also get a 150x150 size which is perfect for the 6x6 hoop.  Right back to making bibs.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Cat Cushion Cover

While having a look around the Urban Threads website I came across this cat design for my embroidery machine.  It was one of those that I needed to do and I had the purrfect excuse to do it. 
 My sister has a cat called Fudge and she is 20 years old, she's having a few issues at the moment, the cat not my sister lol.  I got her (sister not the cat 😁) to buy the cushion pad and I said I'd make the cushion cover.  The finished cushion needs a bit more plumping up but she can sort that out, it was going to live in her conservatory but has now got stuck in her room for a while lol.
I used two layers of cut away stabilizer and floated the Natural Seeded Klona cotton fabric on top because the design is so dense, I think there are around 93,500 stitches in the design.  I did have a few minor puckers but not as bad as it could have been.  I did do some practice stitch outs before hand, that is why I used two layers of stabilizer.  One of the practice stitch outs was with the fabric fully hooped but the pull was quite bad in the middle section, I have since bought a cohesive bandage to wrap around the middle of my hoop to give it extra grip, I have yet to try this.  I plan on using the practice cat on another project.  Glad she liked it anyway.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Blue bag for Hanni

I finished this the other bag for Hanni, I did finish the stitch out a little while ago but I needed to sew the lining on the inside, I'm really trying to catch up with stuff lol.  Here is the link to the last purple bag and I've added a few different photos for this one.
I really do like this design from Disorderly Threads

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I have at long last taken my embroidery unit off 'My Brother', I do actually still have some more to do on it but I have that much sewing to do I thought I'd better get it started.  Just thought I'd show you the Swirly Placemats I've made using a lovely design from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery.
I started by doing the white and beige colours for a wooden centrepiece Hanni had brought me back from New Zealand, I needed something to make it stand out as it disappeared somewhat being wood on my wooden table.  I found this design and used the fabrics I've used in some blocks for two new cushion covers, these are currently waiting to be sewn together.  My sister came to visit and liked the placemat, saying she'd got a bowl on her table that she couldn't see properly and she needed to make it stand out, so would I do one for her in greens.  I don't have much in green fabric so ended up using a little stack of fat quarters I have.  She loved it thank goodness lol.  Hanni my daughter has just bought a house so she wanted one for the middle of her dining room table, she wanted oranges and yellows to match her kitchen, but wanted a splash of red as well as a bit of white, she was happy with hers as well.  So I have definitely had my monies worth out of this design and it's still half price at $5.  The instructions are very easy to follow, the mat is stitched out over five hooping stages and comes in two sizes.  5x7 hoop giving a 25cm x 25cm (10"x10") finished size or the 6x10 and 8x8 hoop giving a 31cm x31cm (12" x 12") finished sized.  
The centrepiece in this picture is made up of three koru spirals that can be separated and used as trivets or placemats.  The wood is rimu, which is a native softwood tree in New Zealand.  The centrepiece also has a Paua shell inlay in the shape of the two islands that make up New Zealand.  My machine embroidered mat does help make it stand out on my table.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Last of the photos for Rita S

OK, I keep forgetting to post the photos of our renovation, so Rita here they are lol.  We have now finished the front and dining room, the hallway is about 75% finished, just need to paint up the stairs and the top landing, BUT, our daughter Hanni has just bought a house so all decorating and further renovations have now moved over to her house lol.  Our last few bits are on hold now until after Christmas.  The following photos show the decor and when taken we were still moving things in.
That sofa and the chairs have done some mileage lol.  Thank goodness for the trolleys David made so we could wheel them all over the place lol.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Bag for Hanni

The renovations are going really well, David has next week off work so will then be able to do the wallpapering.  This week he has been filling in, varnishing and has started the painting, he's actually done loads but because he's still working it's been every evening, I'll post some more photos next week.  I've got so much on the go at the moment it's daft lol.  Just had another delivery of more t-shirts for another batch of logos.  Trying to finish machine embroidering some blocks for two 20" cushion covers for my two chairs.  My nephew and his partner are expecting a baby in the middle of December so I've been doing some bits and pieces for them.  I have finished a couple of cushions, a quilt top and couple of burp clothes.  I am also going to make two or three bibs on my embroidery machine, but I can't show you anything yet.  I'll update when I can.

I have however, made this little bag for Hanni, she likes the Cath Kidston spotty range of merchandise and I had some spotty fabric, so made this purple one, I do want to make a blue one as well so will be doing that as a break in between all the other stuff.  The embroidery pattern for this bag is from Disorderly Threads and that's on Etsy, I was just having a look around one day and stumbled across it.  The bag measures just under 8" by 5½", I thought Hanni would be able to put her cables and phone chargers etc in it.  She does really like it and it was very easy to make, so will definitely be doing a blue one.
I thought you'd like to see some action shots of the machine embroidery process.  In this one it looks nothing like a shoe lol.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Renovations - Woodwork finished

I should have posted these pictures yesterday, but as you can imagine it's been a bit mad here.  Went to get some wallpaper and found some, not really the colour I had in my head but we do like it.  I was actually surprised with the amount of wallpaper with glitter/iridescent/pearlescent features on it, it is almost impossible to get a matt paper at the moment.  David is masking all the doors and floor at the moment, so the architrave, skirting and doors can be varnished, so I'll post some progression pictures over the next few days.
Hallway skirting on and needing a bit of paint.
 Once it has been painted the other end of the hallway will be a lot brighter.
Brendan even managed not to kill the existing wallpaper in the hallway when he added the new skirting.
Needs another coat of paint on the ceiling and everything sanding down, these photos were taken before David started doing it.
The colour of the wood looks totally different in this photo because I'd turned the lights on.
We are so pleased with this renovation, still a lot to do and a lot of cleaning to do, but it has been more than worth it.  I think having someone who actually cares about his work had made all the difference, so a big thank you to Brendan.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Renovations - Nearly Finished

These are the photo's from last night, Brendan is actually just finishing some bits and pieces off downstairs as I type, so I'll post the last of the photos tomorrow.  This is the hallway, just a bit of skirting to finish.
Then through into the living/dining room
Not much left to do.

I've just been downstairs and it's very, very nearly done.  All his machinery and tool boxes are outside on the patio, getting ready to load the van.  I will take some photos a bit later when the light is better, it's just full on sun at the moment.  I've been asked both on here, my blog and on Facebook for details about Brendan.  This is what I wrote on Facebook last night:

This is his Facebook page D.R.S  domestic renovation specialists his name is Brendan and I would highly recommend him.  His attention to detail is brilliant, he gives very good advice, we told him what we wanted and he talked it over with us.  Gave us things to think about, things to definitely do and things to avoid, that was all before we'd even got him working with us.  The floor in the hallway was solid oak, we were having problems with it, it began to separate in places, more so in front of the radiator.  Apparently that's what real oak does, so we have gone for engineered oak and that has a locking system making it easier to lay and making it stay together better and not separate.  We did want a wider board but Brendan said if it's too wide it could cup on the edges, so we went for a 180mm wide one.  We went for solid oak skirting and architrave and some new oak doors.  

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Renovation update

I've got a couple of days pictures to show you, I couldn't really get in the room to take very many yesterday.  Brendan is on with the skirting boards and architraves so there's bits and pieces all over the place.  So these are the photos from the day before yesterday:
This is the bottom of the stairs, if you look in the front room the floor actually looks like a different colour, that is in fact DUST lol.  He's using his saw.
Later in the day I ventured downstairs, I really do like the colour of the oak.
As you can see the two static doors are in.  Years ago (16 years actually) when we bought the house David wanted to just have a doorway put in here, I on the other hand thought it would be a good idea to have as much light as possible, who do you think could have got their own way haha.
The track above the doors is for the sliders.
View from the front room, you just may be able to make out the opening above the doors on this side.  This is where we put the projector screen, it hides under there when not in use.
You can actually see it better in this photo.  The gold on the floor is underlay Brendan put down to protect the floor while he's working in there.
So these are yesterday's photos and as you can see it was a bit messy, I didn't venture in there so only took a few photos.  You can see in this one that the top of the door is finished, the sliding doors are on and the skirting board in the dining room is well under way.
The wires by the way, coming out of the sides and at the top of the doors are for our surround sound speakers.
As soon as I can get in there without causing havoc I'll take some more, that underlay on the floor is very, very slippy with my slippers on lol, ask me how I know, I didn't actually fall but very nearly hahaha, well I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Renovations - Floor

Well the floor has arrived.  This is Brendan bringing it in, there's loads of it.
I didn't go downstairs as I didn't want to get in the way, so this is my first sneaky peek.
Looking good, love the colour, it does look different depending on the time of day though, gets a warmer colour.
We haven't even decided what wall coverings we are having yet lol.  Never mind, I'm expecting something to grab me when we go shopping.