Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween Boxes

Done.  This years Halloween sweets for the Trick or Treaters, last year I made 50 bags and that wasn't enough, we had to give odds and ends from the sweetie bucket for the slightly older ones.  This year I've made 60 boxes, so when they've gone they've gone.  The best thing is that our visitors are all youngsters, no older kids, so we don't mind doing it.  To make the boxes I used the Tonic - Diamond Favour Squeeze Box Die Set, just the outside frame section.  I used bits of leftover A5 card pieces, just to use them up and Hanni my daughter said to make some white ones because they would look like ghosts.  I cut out the eyes using a 1" punch and used some Candi from Craftwork Cards for the pupils.  For the ghost eyes I added some Memento - Tuxedo Black around the edge, otherwise you wouldn't have seen them, I just made little smudges here and there to give a distressed look.  On the coloured boxes I left the eyes plain white.  To keep the squeeze boxes closed I used some Baker's Twine, it looks like a bit of hair hanging down lol because some of the lollies where just popping out of the tops.


  1. Brilliant I bet the kids all tell each other to knock at your house xXx

    1. I wouldn't be surprised lol. We do trim up the hallway and have flashing lights in the garden, so we are actually advertising. When all the goodies have gone we turn everything off so they know we are closed :)