Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Converse Booties

I've started doing a bit of sewing, I'm making a quilt, it will be my first proper full sized quilt.  I've made smaller bits and pieces over the years but got talked into making this.  I'll post progress photos as I go along, I started it at the end of last month, so I'll post some earlier ones first.  I've got quite a few cards to post as well, I've been going through a rainbow faze lol.  You'll see what I mean when I post them, anyway, here's something I made.

I have never followed a crochet pattern before, so wanted to give it a go.  I made these, they are a practice pair, I actually used a smaller hook, but I'm not very happy with the finished boots I was going to throw them away.  I'd got half way through the second boot and went wrong, it wasn't anything drastic but I was about the throw them out when Hanni asked me to finish them off so she could have them in her car, this photo make them look different sizes as well, tut.  I used a pattern from Craftsy and will be having another go at some point using the proper sized hook, but I have too much on at the moment so they will have to take a back seat.  I should have used an English pattern, I think it would have been a little easier for my first one.  Hanni is happy with them, so not all bad really lol, I padded them out with some cotton wool balls so they keep their shape a little better while hanging in her car.

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