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Project Club - May 2015 ¤ Main Card ¤

Nina Crafts project club

I really like this months project club, just in time for Father's Day, three good sized cars and a few sentiments.  If you are interested in the project club visit the Nina Crafts website and enter your details or send an email for full details.  This is the main card:
Materials Required
Project Club Stamps and Card Kit
Acrylic Block
Distress Inks - Brushed Corduroy and Scattered Straw
Blending Tools or Brushes
VersaFine - Onyx Black
Clear Embossing Powder
Anti-Static Bag
Heat Gun
Scrap Paper
Double Sided Tape, PVA glue, Foam Tape and Foam Pads

Cut the black card so it measures slightly smaller than the base card.  Cut the cream card so it measures slightly smaller than the black card.  Use this piece of cream card, the scrap paper and the two inks.  Use the scrap paper as a mask along the card, using one of the Distress Inks and the blending tool or brush, ink the cream card.  Move the scrap paper mask leaving a gap and use the other Distress Ink to ink this section.  Don't worry about the inked lines being straight it will just add to the effect.  Also the ink doesn't have to cover all the cream card at this point.  I found it easier to turn the cream card and ink down the card instead of across.  If your scrap paper gets over inked and too wet, you may notice some blotches along the inked line.  Just trim off the over inked edge.
Continue until all the card is complete, then use the lightest ink to blend in all over the card and the darkest ink to blend all the edges, set aside to dry.  While inking all over the card you may leave some fingerprints in the ink, sometimes these are quite awkward to cover up, so use the scrap paper to lean on while blending.
Once dry use double sided tape to matt onto the black card, then attach to the card front.  Using the other piece of cream card cut two pieces that measure 15cm x 6.5cm and 7.5cm x 3.5cm.  Dust the smallest piece of card with the anti-static bag.  Stamp the sentiment using the VersaFine ink, add the embossing powder then heat emboss.
Using the lightest ink first, ink around the edges of both pieces of card, adding the darkest ink just to the very edges of the cards.  Allow to dry.  Cut two pieces of the black card so they measure 15.5cm x7cm and 8cm x 4cm.  Using double sided tape attach the sentiment and the inked piece of card.
Use the leftover piece of cream card and ink the same as in number 3.  You only need enough card to stamp the car on.  Once inked allow to dry.
Dust this piece of card with the anti-static bag, stamp the card using the VersaFine ink, add the embossing powder then heat emboss.
Cut out the car and attach to the topper using PVA glue.  Leave enough room for the twine.
Colour the twine with one of the inks and allow to dry.  I used my ink blender and rolled the twine over the ink pad.
Attach foam tape to the back of the sentiment and the car topper, leaving enough room to add the twine.  Wrap the twine three or four times around the topper.  I used some double sided tape to hold it in place then used some PVA to seal it.
Attach both to the card front.
Use foam pads to attach the card candi.
That's it for this month, why not try this card in another colour, I nearly did it in greens, but changed my mind at he last minute.  Hope you enjoy your stamps.  J

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