Thursday, 20 November 2014

Project Club - November 2014 ~ Main Card ~

This is the main card for this months project club over at Nina Crafts, I love these funny little elves.  This month is issue number 87 that means the project club has been running now for over 7 years, I can't believe it, my first one was in December 2010, so that's 4 years now, good grief time goes nowhere lol.

Materials Required
Project Club Stamps and Card Kit
Stamp and Stash Set 
Memento – Tuxedo Black 
Colouring Pen/Pencils or Markers
Double Sided Tape and PVA Glue
Foam Pads and Tape
Corner Rounder

Cut a piece of white card so it measures 10cm x 11.5cm.  Onto this piece of card stamp the elves as shown in the picture, card should be 11.5cm wide.
Colour the elves then round the corners.
I used a ¼" Corner Chomper from We R Memeory Keepers, but any will do.  Cut the coloured card so it measures 10.5cm x 12cm.  Using the double sided tape attach the elves, rounding the corners before or after attaching.  Cut a piece of white card so it measures 14cm x 3.5cm.  Onto this card and starting from the left hand side, stamp the shoes and hats as shown in the picture.  You may need to stamp onto some scrap paper first to judge the spacing.  I had a little bit of extra white left on the right hand side so trimmed it off.
Colour the shoes and hats, trimming if needed.
Cut the coloured card so it measures 14.5cm x 4cm.  If like me you trimmed the end of the white card you may need to trim the coloured card as well.  Attach the shoes and hats with double sided tape, rounding the corners before or after attaching.  Onto the base card and using the black ink, stamp the lights at the top of the card in the middle'ish.  Don't worry about them overlapping a little at this time.
Attach the shoe and hat border using foam tape to the bottom section of the card.  Using the black ink and the musical notes stamp randomly at the top of the card, around the lights.  I placed (but didn't stick) the elf topper in the position I wanted them and then stamped the notes, so there wouldn't be any overlapping.
Onto the spare piece of white card, stamp and colour the lights twice more.  Also stamp the little elf's lamp and colour this in too.
Cut out the lights.  Starting in the middle of the lights on the base card, where and if they overlap, use PVA glue to attach the first light.  The second one that may be overlapping use a foam pad to attach this light, giving a little bit of shaping if possible.  Now working along the lights, add a foam pad to every alternate cut out light and PVA for all the others.

Cut out and add the elf's lamp with a foam pad.  Attach the elf topper using foam tape.
Use the small gems on the bobbles and bells on the ends of each of the hats and shoes.  Also use a small gem on the bell on the hat of the middle sized elf, and the last small gem on the top of the small elf's lantern.  Use the larger gems on the rounded ends of all the musical notes.
If you would like details about the project club visit the Nina Crafts website for contact details.

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