Thursday, 17 July 2014

Project Club - July 2014 ~ Main Project ~

This is the uppercase bingo game, the main subject of this months project club over at Nina Crafts, it is another bumper issue and will work well with the What a Year stamp set that we did in January.  This game is a good resource for young children learning their capital letters.  You can make more single letters and use them for spelling games.  You could even get help making this game from the children over the summer break from school.
Materials Required
Project Club Stamps and Card Kit
Stamp and Stash Set
Memento – Tuxedo Black, Summer Sky and Danube Blue Inks
Clear Drying PVA Glue

We start with the single letters and I have already cut all the card needed.  Using the coloured card and guillotine cut out 26, 3cm x 3cm squares, these will be used as the matts for the letters.  Using the white card cut out 102, 2.5cm x 2.5cm squares.  (You don't have to cut them all in one go, we only need 26 for this first part).

Single Letters
Using the black ink and the outline alphabet, stamp a letter on each of the 26 white squares.  (You could at this point stamp two sets of the alphabets if you have cut all the white squares.  One set for the single letters and the other for the main board).
Using the lighter shade of blue ink and the solid alphabet stamps, stamp on the inside of the outlined letters only on the vowels - A, E, I, O and U.  Using the darker blue ink and the solid alphabet stamps, stamp on the inside of the remaining outlined letters.
Matt the white squares onto the coloured card squares using the PVA glue.
Main Board
Cut a piece of coloured card so it measures 20cm x 11.5cm.  If you haven't done already stamp out the full alphabet in the outline and colour with the solid alphabet as above, you will also need two blank white squares.  Arrange the letters onto the 20cm x 11.5cm coloured card so you're happy with the spacing.  You should have the same gaps as the single letters which is 2-3mm.
Once happy use the PVA to attach.
Single Cards
Cut the coloured card so you have 4 pieces that measure 11.5cm x 8.7cm.  For this section you will need 48 2.5cm x 2.5cm white squares, 12 of these are blank so set aside for later, 8 of them are for the vowels and the rest are for random letters.  Stamp the alphabet outlines and solids on each of these white pieces of card same as above.  See the picture below for the letters I used.
Arrange the letters on the 11.5cm  x 8.7cm coloured cards, you should have a 2-3mm space in between each letter.  Here is a picture of the finished cards.
Using the left over coloured card and the guillotine cut out 36, 2cm x2cm squares.
That's it for this month, keep a look out on the Nina Crafts website for matching lowercase, punctuation and numbers all coming soon.  You will be able to add other bingo sets using a different colour for each set.

If you would like details about our project club visit the website for contact details.

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