Friday, 23 May 2014

Project Club - May 2014 ~ Main Card ~

This is the main card for this months project club over at Nina Crafts, this set of stamps will come in handy for all sorts of projects and I didn't really do much with the lovely heart topped glasses but I can think of quite a few projects that are mulling around in my head lol.
Materials Required
Project Club Stamps and Card Kit
Stamp and Stash Set
Memento Tuxedo Black Ink
Corner Rounder
Double Sided Tape
Foam Pads - I used 1mm (optional) and 2mm

I have already cut my card to the appropriate sizes, I have added the following pictures to make it a little easier to explain them.
Coloured card
White card, this card has enough space to stamp your hats (bunting)
Lets start with the coloured triangle.  Using the star stamp and the black ink randomly stamp all over the triangle.  Colour the stars, then trim the edges of the triangle, you will notice I haven't coloured a section of the stars, they will be covered up with the balloon topper later.
Using the white 9cm triangle and the black ink stamp the party corner as in the picture below, I inked up the stamp and added the extra stars to fill in the corners.  Once coloured in use your corner punch and round of the 90° corner.   Matt onto the coloured triangle rounding the corner before or after attaching.
Using the white 12cm x 6cm piece of card, the black in and the balloon stamp, stamp in the center of the card adding the 'Party time' and the 'Happy Birthday' text down the side of the balloons.  Colour the balloons then matt onto the coloured card.
Using the hat stamp and the black ink, stamp three times onto the left over piece of white card, colour then cut out.  Trim off the curved edge of the hats as they are a little too long for the bunting, you may like to leave this until just before applying them to the card so you can see how much to trim.
We can now assemble the card.
Using double sided tape attach the star corner to the base card.  Using double sided tape attach the party corner to the card, rounding the corner before or after attaching.  the following picture shows how I added the double sided tape and the foam pads to the back of the balloon topper.  I used a 1mm foam pad in a not very straight line as well as the double sided tape just to support the topper, you don't really need this but I tend to overdo sticking things down lol.
If you haven't already done so trim of the tops of the hats. add some foam pads to the back, I used the 2mm foam pads for these.
The triangles with two foam pads I used on the outer edges and the triangle with the single foam pad on I used for the center.
That's it for this month, hope you enjoy your stamps.
Happy crafting

Jackie J

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