Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have finished off my buttons at long last, you know when you have a million and one things to do, well these where on my list.  I was actually given these buttons as a Christmas present, thank you very much, you know who you are lol.  I did have a choice of painted or plain, I chose plain so I could match the colour to the soft furnishings in my room.  So David (hubby) attacked them first by spraying three thin coats of MDF primer followed by spraying five thin top coats of Heirloom White Satin Finish with a light sand between each coat.  Then it was my turn and this is how I finished them off.

The first and largest of the three buttons was made into a clock, this button has just two buttonholes and when I'd received the buttons I mentioned I was going to make it into a clock so Roy from Dimension Stamps (as was, now Nina Crafts) added a centre hole and routed the back so I could fit the clock mechanism, I used an extra long centre spindle with a sweep second hand (very quiet and no tick-tocks lol).  I used some left over wallpaper for the numbers, my set of plain number stamps, VersaFine - Onyx Black ink and detail clear embossing powder.  Once the numbers had been stamped and heat embossed I cut them out and attached them to the clock face using Mod Podge Matte Finish.  I then sealed them again using the Mod Podge, leaving a smooth finish on the clock face.  Now then the cord I used for the buttonholes is an experience on its own.  I had a look on ebay for some rope/cord/braid kind of stuff and found some 7mm rope cord that is used for camping etc.  So on ordering it David walked in and asked what on earth I was ordering, I told him what it was for etc etc etc.  He said 'have you read it?', 'yes' I said, 'it's for the buttons'. Ok this is where it gets a bit daft, I ordered and had delivered some of the rope cord and this was the description on the invoice, '50ft of bondage bedroom rope'.  Oh My Good Grief, how embarrassing, but how funny, I will not be able to live this down for quite a while hahahaha.  Because of the spindle in the centre I couldn't thread the rope in a straight line so made it look like the thread was coming undone, leaving a raw end on the front of the clock, adding a bit of clear PVA glue on the raw end to seal it.
For this button I used a flourish stamp, one that I've had for quite a while, I think it was from a set of flourishes from Dimension Stamps.  I stamped onto tissue using VersaFine - Onyx Black, tearing the edges so I could blend the edges in once they were stuck to the button.  I split the pieces of tissue leaving me with a single layer, then covered a small area of the button face with Mod Podge, adding one piece of stamped tissue at a time.  The first couple of pieces I took off because I'd messed about far too much with it and it started splitting, the tissue had got too wet.  So working from the centre outward I covered the button trying to flatten the tissue as I went.  It was a little bumpy but it did smooth down quite a bit, I did however like the slightly rough look do didn't smooth it down too much.  Once dried I gave the button face another coat of Mod Podge to make sure it was sealed.  Once completely dry I used some more of my 'bondage rope' to make the thread, this time as you can see I made it into a cross.
For this third button I used the plain lowercase alphabet stamps again from Dimension Stamps, stamping onto my bit of wallpaper with VersaFine and heat embossing with detail clear embossing powder.  Once cut out I attached them to the button face using the Mod Podge, but because I by this time was into doing a bit of texture wanted to give the top coat a rough'ish finish.  I loaded my brush with a little extra Mod Podge and did short strokes across the face, you can't actually see it from this picture but the effect looks really good.  Because of the 'button it' text I attached the thread/rope as you can see in the picture.
David attached the picture hooks on the back of the buttons after I'd marked out the centre point for him.  All the thread/rope was secured at the back of the buttons with a staple gun and because of the thickness of the rope I used some of David's woodwork biscuits to give a bit of depth so the buttons would sit on the wall properly.
This is the picture of the buttons on my wall you can see the full pattern of the wallpaper I'd been cutting up.  I've just bought some 8cm buttons for a future project and that is making some new cushion covers and to carry the theme on I've just bought some silicone button coasters.  So I've gone button mad lol.
 Right what's next on that list ....

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