Friday, 28 March 2014

Project Club - March 2014 ~ Main Card ~

This is the main card for this month's Nina Crafts project club, a little late this month, things have just happened the way they seem to do, tut.  Never mind back to it.
Materials Required for this card
Project Club Stamps and Card Kit
Stamp and Stash Set
Purple Ink - I used Memento Elderberry
VersaMark Stamp Pad
Detail Clear Embossing Powder
Anti-Static Bag
Heat Gun
Sticky Notes
Double Sided Tape
Narrow Foam Tape (Shaker Tape) or Foam Pads

I have already cut all my card so I will give you the sizes as we go along.
Open your yellow base card and cut off a 5.5cm strip along the right hand front edge.  Cut a 5cm strip off the green card and use the film reel stamp to stamp a border using the VersaMark and heat emboss using detail clear embossing powder.  I used a piece of scrap paper to stamp the film reel so I could get a better idea of where to place them.
Add double sided tape to the back of this panel and attach it to the inside right of the yellow base card.
Cut the remaining piece of green card so it measures 9cm wide.  Randomly stamp over the card using the corner flourish stamp and VersaMark.  Add the detail clear embossing powder and heat emboss.  Use double sided tape to attach this panel to front of the yellow base card.
Cut a piece of white card so it measures 8.5cm x 7.5cm.  Using the sentiment stamp and purple ink, stamp in the middle of the card.  Stamp the corner flourish in the two opposite corners.  Colour as required.  Use the purple ink to ink around the edges of this piece of card.  Use double sided tape to attach to the card front.
Cut a piece of white card so it measures 9.5cm x 9cm.  Using the photo frame stamp and the purple ink stamp in the middle of card.  
Use the sticky notes to cover up the bottom left hand white border space.  Using the purple ink and the corner flourish stamp in the corner.  Colour as required.  Ink around the edge of this piece of card before cutting out the middle section.
On the left over white card, use the purple ink and the small camera stamp.  Stamp, colour and cut out four of them.  Use foam tape or pads to attach the small cameras to the right hand film reel panel.
Use narrow foam tape or foam pads on the reverse of the photo frame, try and keep the tape on the edge of this piece of card so your photograph/card insert will just slide into place.  I couldn't find my narrow tape so used 3mm foam pads.
Fix to the card front.
I’ve added a thin piece of white card, cut this so it measures 7.5cm wide and stamp the corner flourish in the top right hand corner and colour.  To do this I inserted the card into the photo frame and made a little pencil mark, then removed the card and used the purple ink to stamp the flourish. 
Alter the length as required, I left mine popping up at the top so a different photograph/card can be inserted easily.  This also depends on where you placed your foam tape or pads along the bottom of the photo frame.  Once you’re happy with the size of your piece of card this can then be used as a template for your photograph/card.
This is the same card using a photograph of my daughter having one of her daft moments lol.
Hope you enjoy your stamps, happy crafting 

Jackie J

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