Monday, 3 March 2014

Craftroom - In the beginning

My husband David works about 75% of the time from home so this was his desk in our shared office (front bedroom) this photo was taken from my desk.
Recently he told me he was leaving me, he couldn't stand the glitter any more hahahahaha.  The next door bedroom is the single one and basically it was my craftroom overflow, so he decided to move into that room.  Now David is a very tidy person so it must have been hell sharing with me hahahahaha, he couldn't wait to move, I feel very hurt and upset (ahem) that he was off like a shot.  
I think you need to see what he left behind, Oh My Good grief.
OK, it may be a mess but I knew where everything was and could actually go straight to it.  The blue drawers were behind me, but we (yes, even thought he'd left he helped) moved them into the space where David's desk was.
Every drawer was emptied, the contents cleaned and the drawer cleaned before the big sort out.
 David had a set of these drawers in the garage so I ended up with those as well lol
Look, he hadn't gone completely that traction engine is still on the top of the unit.
So what do you think of the mess?  I will post again tomorrow and show you the finished craftroom.

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