Saturday, 14 September 2013

Project Club - September 2013 ≈ Let's go clubbing ≈

Originally this post was from the Dimension Stamps Project Club.  Now the name has change to Nina Crafts, so I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

All stamps are from Dimension Stamps

Quite a while ago I was looking for some details about rainbows, I just happened to have a look in the Google images section and saw a calendar with the main picture being a rainbow.  The picture was just broken lines of colour, well this stuck in my head, so that was the inspiration for this card.  I used the line of stars from the 'All Things Christmas' set ref: NC040 and stamped the club symbol at the bottom of each.  I used my Memento inks to stamp and my matching Memento pens to colour, then used a Sakura Glaze pen to add the shine.  The sentiment just popped into my head I used the blue Memento ink and the 'ABC 123' set ref: NC021 (told you I used this set a lot J .  Instead of attaching the sentiment to the card, I used another piece of white card to stamp it on. Once finished and cut out I turned the main piece of card over and drew around the sentiment placing it in the corner, I added another couple of millimetres to the pencil mark and cut it out leaving the 2cm'ish tab at the end.  This gave me a nice background orange border around the sentiment, I hope that made sense.  I again used the Sakura Glaze pen on the text and to finish off I added some gems from MeiFlower.

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