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Originally this post was from the Dimension Stamps Project Club.  Now the name has change to Nina Crafts, so I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

This month’s project club brings you a very detailed pair of gates, well, not only the gates but the gate posts and the trees as well, lots of very fine detail in fact.  The numbers in this set will come in handy for lots of projects as well.  Hope you enjoy your stamps.

This is the finished card.
Once all you pieces of card have been cut out, as per instruction sheet, you will need to cut out a mask of the brick gate post.  I used a sticky note to make my mask.
Using the smallest piece of white card and your scoreboard, score some lines diagonally across the card, turn it around and again score, so you end up with a diamond pattern. Using blue ink and your blending brush/tool/Cut-N-Dry, lightly ink the upper half of the card, and using green ink do the bottom half. 

I used a Martha Stewart scoreboard and my lines were scored at half an inch intervals, or you could use an embossing folder of your choice instead.
Matt both pieces of card together, using double sided tape.  Attach some of the ribbon around the matted card, using double sided tape and fix onto the card blank.
Using black ink stamp the brick gate post onto the other cut piece white card and cover with the gate post mask before stamping the tree.
Stamp the gate, making sure the hinges connect to the wall.  Stamp the numbers of your choice.
Colour the tree and the brick work, cover the brick with the mask.  Using a piece of scrap paper, cut a slight curve across the middle. This gives a top and bottom mask for the background. Place the curved bottom piece of paper over the stamped image and using the blending brush/tool/Cut-N-Dry and the blue ink, lightly ink the sky.
Move the bottom piece of curved scrap down the image so a grass line can be made.  Cover the sky with the top piece of scrap curved paper.  Lightly ink the grass.
 Remove the bottom piece of curved scrap paper and cover the grass line with the curved top scrap paper.  Lightly ink the driveway with the light brown ink.
Colour the gate.  It doesn't really matter when you do the colouring, because the inked background has only been done lightly so the ProMarkers will cover up any stray shades.
Matt your finished coloured image onto the coloured card. Use double sided tape on the back of the overlapped area, and use foam tape or pads on the rest of the back before fixing to the card front. 
Make a bow with the rest of the ribbon and attach to the card, add gems to finish.
ProMarkers used on this card:  Tree - Raw Sienna, Cocoa, Forest Green and Pine.  Gate post - Sandstone, Cinnamon and Tan.  Gate - Memento Marker Pen (Tuxedo Black) and Cool Grey 1 for the outlines.

Sorry the photos are a bit off this time, I'm having a few issues with my camera at the moment, and you can't really see the colours.  Anyway, happy crafting and hope you enjoy your stamps.  J

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