Sunday, 11 March 2012

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Originally this post was from the Dimension Stamps Project Club.  Now the name has change to Nina Crafts, so I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

This month’s Project Club stamps are based on the 1960’s and like I said on the project sheet I’m not quite old enough to remember the early 60’s the first time round (just), but I do remember the late 60’s and some of the clothes my mum dressed me in when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  Oh my good grief, I looked like I was wearing the curtains lol.

The stamps in this set are: two ladies, the groovy chic, a record, a text and flower background, some wavy text ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’, ‘I the 60’s’ and ‘A handmade card Fashioned by’.  

This month’s card is:
Cut all the card as per instructions on the project sheet.
Stamp and emboss the main image and the side panel, colour in with ProMarkers.  I made some paper for these ladies, the dogtooth or houndtooth which ever way you like to say it, and the check.  You can use either piece for either model, it's up to you.  Stamp and emboss the models onto the paper, then cut out the clothes removing the collar and pocket flaps.
This is what you should have at this point, I coloured the panel after I took this picture.
The ribbon - The text ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ is a little too wavy for the ribbon, so it will need to be straightened slightly on your acrylic block, stamp a test on a piece of scrap paper before stamping onto the ribbon.
I would have used VersaCraft Ink as it’s designed especially for stamping on fabric but at the time of making this card I didn’t have any lol.  So I had a play with the inks I do have, the VersaFine did stamp well and didn’t smudge, it gave a nice colour but it did bleed a little.  I tried Adirondack – Pitch Black and it was just a little better then the VersaFine, not quite as much bleeding.  I then used my Archival ink, it didn’t bleed but the colour is a little faded, so I used this ink.  I wanted to try my StazOn ink which I think would have been a little darker then the Archival but it’s at the Dimension Stamps unit, Roy had been using it on acetate for Create and Craft.
I assembled the card using double sided tape and just before attaching the main image I added the ribbon to the corner, folding the ends around the back and making sure they stuck to the tape.  To finish use your clear drying glue to attach the hat and clothes, trying not to get glue too near the edges so the glue doesn't seep out, you could use photo glue for this because it will rub off any excess.

Hope you enjoy your stamps this month and don't forget you could share your cards etc on the Dimension Stamps Facebook page.

Jackie J


  1. My project set arrived yesterday so have not made the card yet. I am already thinking where did I put that 12 x 12 retro paper. Let me know when you get firm dates for your workshops, and I will make every effort to be there. I am off to Harrogate on Sunday so will wave as I pass the signs for neck of the woods as I go by.

    1. Hello, hope you're well. We should have the dates sorted out next week, but the first one will be somewhere in the middle of April. Enjoy Harrogate and have a good time.