Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine

updated 17/03/2014:  Dimension Stamps have now changed their name to Nina Crafts.

A few of my non-crafting friends have asked me to post something about a card I did for the Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine, issue number 94, so here goes lol. The magazine has a little booklet called ‘Designers' Guide to .... Birthday Cards’ with it and you can see my card on the front cover as well as on page 14.

Can I just say a big 'thank you' for the kind words and comments in your emails and text messages, I really appreciate it.
As well as stamping on the inside of the card with the smaller lilly stamp from this set, I stamped on the flap of the envelope.
The reference number for ‘The Luscious Lily’ stamp set I used for this card is 2400058a from Dimension Stamps.


  1. The praise is well deserved!

  2. Well done Jackie another lovely card and congratulations on getting "Published "
    Your photo is well good too lol.
    Rita xx

  3. Thank you ladies. Rita I don't know about the photo though lol.