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Originally this post was from the Dimension Fourth Project Club, then the name change to Dimensions Stamps.  Now the name is Nina Crafts and the old names have been dropped.  I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

This month’s project club stamp set comprise of: three foliage panels, one text panel and a sentiment 'Many Happy Returns'.

This is the finished card, and Autumn is my favourite time of the time, I just love all the colours.
Using white card and Memento – Rhubarb Stalk ink, I stamped all three panels in the order I wanted them to appear on your card.  Making sure that I stamped near the edge of the card so a word border could be stamped down the side of the white card.  Just above the top panel I stamped the ‘Many Happy Returns’  using Memento – Rich Cocoa ink.
Using Post-It notes I masked off the edge of the white card.  Then using Memento – Rich Cocoa ink, I stamped the words down the edge of the card, I did actually double stamp the words and sentiment, I feel it lift’s it of the card a bit, giving a slight shadow.
I used ProMarkers to colour in all the leaves on all three panels.
I used a Glaze pen to glaze over all the leaves on all three foliage panels.  I didn’t do any of the stalks, but you can do as much or as little as you like.  I then glazed over the ‘Many Happy Returns’.   Using the Big and Juicy ink pad and a blending brush/pad I inked across the white card blending in the ink.  I used the first three inks on the Big and Juicy ink pad, using the yellow end more, then blending in the orange, and just a bit of the red.  I inked on the diagonal taking the ink right across the words as well, if you’re not sure how this will look or you’d like a different effect, have a practice on a piece of scrap first.  You will notice that there are some little white edges around some of the glazed areas, I wasn't too sure about the ‘Many Happy Returns’ but I’ve left it as it is.  If you don’t like the white bits use the glaze pen on the title after inking the background.
I then cut out all the pieces, the size for the wordy border is on your project sheet.  Using the Memento – Rhubarb Stalk, ink around the edges of all the pieces.  I used double sided tape on the back of all pieces.

I then attached all three foliage panels to the card and the border down the side as in the picture. If like me you tend to stick the border into place then cut the overlapping ends off, you will need to ink both the top and the bottom of the border with the Memento – Rhubarb Stalk ink.  Using the left over brown/gold card I mounted the ‘Many Happy Returns’ sentiment and trimmed around the edge. Then using foam pads or tape, I attached it to the card in the center.

Hope you enjoy your stamps this month, and if ever you 'd like to send me a picture of your work using these or any other of the project club stamps then please do so and I'll post them on here to give other project club members some inspiration.

Happy crafting

Jackie J

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