Saturday, 9 April 2011

ATC's March 2011

Originally this post was from the Dimension Fourth Project Club, then the name change to Dimensions Stamps.  Now the name is Nina Crafts and the old names have been dropped.  I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

Why not have a go, you could win a free stamp from Dimension Fourth, but you have to be in the Project Club to enter.  To join the Project Club have a look on the website for details.  I will be photographing all your ATC's and showing them on here, for more details please see the project club newsletter.  Thank you and good luck.

From left to right: 'Spring Hearts' and 'Roses for You' both from Elaine, 'Arabian Nights in Green' and Arabian Nights in Blue' both from Jacqui.
My photographs don't do any justice to these ATC's, hope you can see the curve on the vase,
 the shades of lilac and the yellows from Elaine, the colours are really vibration.  The glaze from Jacqui's Sakura pens just doesn't show up at all, I like the background textures used.  Sorry ladies hope your not too disappointed with these photo's.

From left to right: 'Greek Urn' and 'Birthday Princess' both from Susan, 'Old Garden Urn' from Pippa and on the end 'Accessories' from Julie.
I wish I could take better photo's (I'm blaming the strong sunlight lol), Susan has a glaze on her urn and embossed the background corner stamp and the mica on the hearts and the silver embossing really does catch the light.  On Pippa's ATC the greens in the grass and ivy look at bit washed out on this photo and blue sky isn't very visible, but they do stand out really well and what a good idea splitting the bottle like that.  I just can't get the right shade of pink for Julie's water-coloured bottle and shrink plastic charms, I think I heard her say she's based this ATC on a bottle of perfume she has.

Thank you all very much for taking the time to enter your artwork this month.  I'm sorry there's only one winner and this month it is
for her 'Spring Hearts'
your free stamp is the 'Frames and Flourishes' from Dimension Fourth and its on its way to you.


  1. Jackie, I had to get a new camera to take better pictures, there was something wrong with the old one as the pictures started coming out funny. Even with the new one it is sometimes difficult to get the light right and the work close to its true colours - so I understand your frustration - think I need to date a photographer with his own studio! LOL! Great variety as always in the ATCs sent it, always a pleasure to see the ideas that others come up with! Susan

  2. Thank you for being so understanding Susan after all it is one of your ATC's that's been affected lol. I think my husband would have something to say if I started dating a photographer so I've done the next best thing and ordered a photo studio cube thingy from Amazon. Lets hope that helps lol. Jackie x

  3. Hi Jackie , yes you heard me right I did get my inspiration for the ATC from my Juicy Couture perfume bottle ,congratulations Elaine fantastic ATC.
    love Julie x