Thursday, 3 February 2011

ATC's January 2011

Originally this post was from the Dimension Fourth Project Club, then the name change to Dimensions Stamps.  Now the name is Nina Crafts and the old names have been dropped.  I thought putting all the posts together would be better and easier to find things.

Why not have a go, you could win a free stamp from Dimension Fourth, but you have to be in the Project Club to enter.  To join the Project Club have a look on the website for details.  I will be photographing all your ATC's and showing them on here, for more details please see the project club newsletter.  Thank you and good luck.

From left to right:  'House Move','Birthday Patchwork' both from Susan; 'Holiday Home' from Pauline and the end one is from Jo.
This ATC is a double folded one, the front on the left and centre on the right, it's titled 'Dream Home' and is from Jacqui.
From left to right: 'Tree at Sunset', 'Distressed Mansion' both from Dawn and on the end 'Sleepy Hollow' from me.
I thought I'd show you the back of my ATC (above) as I've been asked a few times now what to actually write in the details section.  Well, you can write as much or as little as you like, its really up to you, but a brief comment of what you've used on your artwork is all that's needed.  Hope this helps J

I'd like to thank you all for sending in your artwork, and I can see that a lot of work and thought has gone into all of them.  I wish I could have lots of winners but unfortunately there can be only one, and this month it is
your free 'Poppy Corner' (Dimension Fourth ref: 0602014a) stamp is on its way.

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