Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hanni's 18th

I went to our craft class at Dimension Fourth last night and sat next to Margaret, while making flowers for our project she mentioned making flowers for her cake decorations.  She did say that she makes cakes to order and as my daughter is 21 this year I think it may be a good idea to order one, but I will have to see what kind of cake she wants first.  I mentioned the cake I made for her 18th, I can't do anything fancy but did have a mess about, so Margaret I hope you get to see these pictures.  Because other people have asked to see the pictures I thought it would be easier to post them here.
It all started off when my daughter Hanni and I were having a daft chat and the cake was born lol.  I spoke to my husbands Auntie Rita (sorry about the Auntie bit Rita), who actually makes cakes, and she sent me everything I needed.  I was worried to death, it wasn't one of her earlier birthdays, this one had to be something like OK.  I'd made her a Bart Simpson cake for one of her birthdays, Piglett and other bits and pieces but nothing on this scale.

She was in the Army Cadets at the time so the colours were easy.  She's the figure standing pointing at the wall with her hand to her mouth, she always did that pose.   Two of her friends next to and on the wall and her CO sat watching them.
I put bullets around the base of the cake and yes they were real bullets.  A friend of ours has a gun licence and he took out all the gun powder for me.  I like'd that little touch, something different.


  1. hi jackie
    cake looks good.
    The people look very realistic
    julie x

  2. Thanks Julie but I really wouldn't have been able to do it if it hadn't have been for Rita (Auntie) she sent me everything I needed, she even had little moulds for the hands, feet and heads. I didn't know anything like that existed. lol x