Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Night

Every year both David (hubby) and I make up sweet bags for the kids who visit.  We also decorate from the front door to the bottom of the stairs.  Its not a very big area but it holds seven children all at the same time I counted them this evening lol.  We do go mad putting up witches, webs and whatnots, but the kids love it and truth be known so do we.  Well tonight we had 60 yes that's right 60 trick or treaters, the youngest was in his pram and dressed as a pumpkin and the oldest was a grandma dressed as a witch.  We only make the bags up for the kids up to the age of about 11ish after this they know they don't get anything other than left overs out of the box.  This year we didn't have a lot of left overs, so its a good job we didn't have very many older kids.  We turned on all the flashing lights at 6:45 and by 7:15 they had all been and gone, so we switched everything off as quick as possible so we wouldn't disappoint any other visitors.  Mad busy evening. haha

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